Many museums are closed on Mondays.

"Are scientists close to cloning a human being?" "Not by a long shot."


Ellen was white with shock.


Wealthy older men often marry younger trophy wives.

Elsa had never seen anything like this before.

Andre might hire Courtney.


I have seen the film before.

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It conflicts with my principles.


Do any of you know her?

Try to control yourself.

It may take longer than we expected.

It's an unusual name.

Do you like eating fish?

She resembles her aunt.

Is Cookie a dog or a cat?

I think you're right about that.

Let me know as soon as anything happens.


This is very important meeting. You ought not to miss it.

I'll ask whether he wants another drink.

He could not restrain his excitement.

It's the last chance.

He insured his new house against fire.


Eternity is a long time.

The discussion was intellectually stimulating.

I'm trying to memorize my speech.

The battle ended in a triumph for the Romans.

Barton died in October last year.


To succeed, you must believe.

Kathryn wrote this letter last night.

Hello teacher. How are you doing?

I don't know what I want to do yet.

They aren't going to help him.

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I refuse to discuss the question.


I'm a company man - an ordinary salaried office worker.


Darrell is going to take care of it.

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They were badly injured in a car accident.


Mike didn't join the practice yesterday.

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I just gave them 30 dollars.

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You didn't call me.

Toby needs a new plan.

Let's talk about her.


Urs sorted through his email messages using keyword searches.

What's important is the result.

Every country has a capital city.

I think Heidi would rather be spending time with someone else.

Could you talk to him?


Did I interrupt anything?

You had better help your father.

He has led a loose life.


Were you drunk last night?


The tape recorder was lying on the table.

Johan prayed for Mechael to get well.

Am I under investigation?

Leonard was the last person Betty expected to see at John's party.

Have you heard about the result of the game?

Carrie Morrill of the National Climatic Data Center explains, "You'd have to go back to the last interglacial about 125,000 years ago to find temperatures significantly higher than temperatures of today."

There was a tape recorder on the table.

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I take a walk at two in the afternoon.

Vassos dropped out of school when he was thirteen.

They were taking different streets.

Jeanne couldn't find a parking place.

Why do not we go home?


I will go to the beach.

I won't divorce you unless you give me a good reason.

I saw some very beautiful scenes.

You have no idea where Sedat plans to go to college, do you?

Boyd and Daniele both have black hair.

Why should I leave?

Why did you scare my wife by suddenly jumping out of the cupboard?


My mom is worried.


It will be difficult to sweep the room with the fan on!


I've got to hand it to him. He works hard.


Don't behave as one of them, so.

Where do you usually go fishing?

There isn't an orange above the table.


What did Svante want?

I was floored by the news.

The people exited the stadium in a crowd.


He has a very dry sense of humor.

"I plan to help Charleen steal some cars." "That would be unwise."

How could you not say something?

Half of them don't work.

Can you imagine what that's like?

I don't think they like me.

I'm an early riser.

Put the book back on the shelf when you're through with it.

The patriarchal system has always been more prevalent.


They're nice.

You don't need to know all the details.

The rock projected over us like a roof.

She ordered the book from London.

Nancy asked Micheal to wait for him here.

Laughter is a human trait.

I love a woman.

See you next week, Darin.

Brooke did stay with me.

What might happen?

Phill doesn't trust me anymore.

What are you trying to figure out?

I only ate one sandwich.


Olaf ran out of water.

Please knock on the door.

She asked me what I expected.

Ozan and I are married.

We must cut down on prices; we can't compete.

To talk about it is a waste of time.

What was your thirteenth birthday like?


Has this ever happened to you?


It's not as easy to obey as it is to command.

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This is the first time I've ever shouted at Taninna.

Did you just wake up?

I can't remember that now.

I just can't resist chocolate.

I sure hope there's nothing wrong with it.

The salad is incomplete without olive oil, croutons and nuts.

A horrendous situation developed. We hope the government can find a satisfactory solution.

My Christmas is now ruined.

Dan wrote articles for a local newspaper.

You speak very beautiful Quechua.

They didn't like any of my suggestions.

This kind of work makes me hungry.

What did you get this time?


His mother opened her eyes wide.


Louise might not go with us.


I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable.


I think everyone gets a bit lonely at times.

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Eritrea is called "Erta" in Tigrinya.


I'm planning to study tonight.


He requested my assistance.

Sorry to trouble you, but can you help me?

It looks like a perfect day for a picnic.


Tokyo is the least attractive town to me.

He has a blue bicycle.

Apart from a few spelling mistakes, it is a good composition.


Jock slammed the door shut just to annoy Stephe.


Maybe we'll have a talk one of these days.


Lori sent me an interesting text.


My neighborhood is a nice place to live.


We'll have to work fast.


Ramadoss claims he doesn't watch much TV, but he watches more than three hours every day.

Why exactly did you tell Terrance you wanted my help?

Some students finished their homework.

The dog ate a watch and a Japanese fan.

Recently, he's been drinking too much.


I sent flowers to the baby's mother.

Handle this very carefully.

Can I please have some water?


The teacher wrote something on the blackboard, but it was too small for me to read.


You have a beautiful dog.

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I'd be glad to tell Duke everything I know about that.